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Digital & Creative

Mix our innovative software firms with tech giants like Seagate and our cutting edge cultural and artistic organisations and it's no wonder that Derry is not just at the forefront of digital development but a centre of excellence in cultural technology too.
"We have great arts and music scenes in Derry and a really burgeoning tech scene. They all work in the same kind of projects, the creative instincts are common, whether it's guitars or gaming." Mark Nagurski, first champion of Digital Derry and Director of CultureTECH, which unites digital technology, arts and culture in one trailblazing festival in the city each September.
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Life & Health Sciences

Pioneering academic and clinical researchers at centres of excellence around the city and region are collaborating with each other and with healthcare industries to redraw the boundaries of medicine.
"What we do at C-TRIC is to create a pathway where ideas are generated in tandem by academics and clinicians, then developed through to their final commercial application in collaboration with industry. This way the time to market, as well as the costs of research and development, is significantly reduced."
Barry Henderson is Business Development Manager of C-TRIC, a multi-faceted centre that takes groundbreaking ideas from lab bench to point-of-care.
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Our universities and educational establishments work alongside industry to ensure our graduates’ skills are perfectly tailored to the needs of tomorrow’s computing. A fast developing network of digital creativity, the highest levels of connectivity and world class research has seen Derry lead the way in software development.
"Why Derry? "It's partly because of the highly skilled and motivated local workforce, but also the advanced telecommunications infrastructure in the region."
Greg McDaid, MD for Northern Ireland and Scotland for Fujitsu UK and Ireland, who have just invested £12 million in a new Business Services Centre in Derry.
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Business, Financial and Professional Services

Our educational establishments and world-class research centres work alongside business to help develop the products of the future. We're mapping the human brain, building life enhancing robots and developing the healthcare of tomorrow.
"We engage with companies around the world, providing world class researchers and facilities as well as exploiting the huge commercial potential of the pioneering research being carried out here.”
Peter Devine, Head of Business Development at the groundbreaking Intelligent Systems Research Centre, University of Ulster, Magee campus.
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