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We’re mapping the human brain, building life enhancing robots and creating the healthcare of tomorrow. And that’s just the start. A world leader in intelligent systems and stratified medicine research, renowned for computer sciences and our innovative knowledge sector technology, our universities don’t just produce high-end research but the highest quality graduates too.

Groundbreaking centres of excellence excel in every field. Leaders in their fields at the state-of-the-art C-TRIC (Clinical Translational Research and Innovation Centre) have earned a worldwide reputation for academic led clinical research in many areas of healthcare, including diabetes and kidney disease. Those ideas are taken to market in tandem with companies around the world.

Hosted by C-TRIC, the Centre for Stratified Medicine undertakes research in several areas, including heart disease, strokes, dementia and cancer, helping pharmaceutical companies target their products more effectively and opening up numerous possibilities for investment. The Centre cooperates closely with the UK’s top rated unit for biomedical sciences research, The University of Ulster Centre for Bio-medical Sciences in nearby Coleraine.

Thanks to Ulster University’s Intelligent Systems Research Centre (ISRC), Derry is now a world leader in intelligent systems, pioneering research in brain mapping, computational intelligence, virtual worlds, computer gaming, neuro-engineering and bio-inspired computing.