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Why Invest in Derry-Londonderry?


In areas such as software, sciences, computing and engineering our leading educational establishments liaise closely with industry to ensure our graduates and post-graduates are the cream of the crop.
"We arrange work experience for students and meet with course leaders and heads of departments at local universities and colleges to discuss what our needs will be over the next few years and where we see technology going."
Georgina O'Leary, area leader for the Derry branch of Allstate Northern Ireland, which develops software for its parent company, Allstate, the third largest personal insurance company in the US.

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Quality of Life

There’s something in the Derry air. A cultural capital carved out of history and buzzing with a vibrant artistic life, Derry is the friendliest city in the world. A city that thinks it's the country, locals don't want to leave, visitors just want to stay. That's good for business.
"Derry's intimate, within a couple of months you will know everyone and be part of the fabric, something that doesn't happen in cities like London and Dublin. As a result, companies can be both competitive and collaborative."
Mark Nagurski is Director of CultureTECH, which unites digital technology, arts and culture in one trailblazing festival in Derry each September.

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The regional capital of Ireland’s North West, Derry is just an hour’s flight from major UK cities like London, Liverpool and Glasgow and a 90-minute drive from Belfast.

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The brand new cross border Science Park at Fort George and Letterkenny will create huge opportunities for business, encourage world class R and D and provide space and support for all kinds of entrepreneurs in software, digital technology and product development. You can add to that the superb facilities at the Digital Hub, centres of excellence like C-TRIC and leading business developments such as Timber Quay.
"An incubation centre which works on skills will be of great use to businesses like us. It will do two things for us - create a skills base for local people and, if we liaise with them, we can help develop new ideas to try out internally."
Georgina O'Leary, Allstate NI, on the Science Park.

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We’re mapping the human brain, building life enhancing robots and creating the healthcare of tomorrow. And that’s just the start. A world leader in intelligent systems and stratified medicine research, renowned for computer sciences and our innovative knowledge sector technology, our universities don’t just produce high-end research but the highest quality graduates too

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